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NHL Stanley Cup playoffs: How about them Habs?

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1NHL Stanley Cup playoffs: How about them Habs? Empty NHL Stanley Cup playoffs: How about them Habs? on Wed May 19, 2010 12:13 am


Wow, they certainly over-achieved to get to where they are, but I didnt expect them to unravel the way they are.

A lot of fingers pointing at Halak, but I dont see how a team that hasnt scored a single goal in 2 games can fault goaltending. You can never win with a zero on the scoreboard.
Bottomline: Philly is doing everything right, Mtl is not.
Its a shame that they (MTL) managed to eliminate a team (washington) that would have likely held their own deeper in the playoffs.

At any rate, its been great seeing a Canadian team get as far as they did, and its been good for Montreal, one of my long time favorite cities.

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wow, has it been a year already?

And here we are....TML done for the season, and the Habs and Canucks are Canada's sole representatives in the playoffs.

Well, best of luck to them both! It would sure be nice to see the cup come home to Canada again.

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go Bruins

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